TerrAmazon Snacks


In the infinite quest to find the most obscure curative health food, TerrAmazon makes a convincing case. With goji berries fast becoming a household name, the creators of TerrAmazon had to explore remote corners of the Amazon rainforest for their snacks.

Take their Organic Yacon Slices, for example. Recently rediscovered as a superfood, the indigenous Andean tuber is sliced and then partially dried. The result is small, pliable slices not unlike flower petals in proportions. They have a subtle melon flavor and are remarkably satisfying for a food with only 16 calories a serving. It's also probiotic (which aids in digestion) and helps the absorption of minerals like calcium and magnesium.

We also tried two varieties of their Cacao Nibs — one with pineapple and the other coconut and raisins. Both use "criollo," one of the rarest and most sought-after varieties of cacao. Sweetened with a bit of sugar cane syrup, they're crunchy, addictive snacks that can be enjoyed alone or added to a cereal or desserts.

All products are harvested under fair trade farming methods and are certified both kosher and organic. We've spotted TerrAmazon products at Whole Foods, as well as other independent grocers in New York. You can also order straight from the source at their website.