Teruel Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fresh, high-quality olive oil from Spain with transparent production methods

There’s tremendous variation in olive oil flavor profiles—impacted by the olive varietal used, the ensuing process of extraction, and the time from harvest to press. Many high-end olive oils utilize Empeltre Olives (which also make for great table treats), grown in various regions in Spain. These are the olives utilized by Teruel Foods, a family-owned business in the UK that partners with co-op farmers in Spain for their light and fresh Extra Virgin Olive Oil, tasting of fresh greens with a slight nuttiness. The olives are rushed to presses the day of harvest and put through a cold extraction process. The oil is then sent to the UK where it is packaged in 250 ml pouches (each of which contains the juice of roughly 300 olives) with a small pour-spout. It’s easy to use, minimizes waste and stows away (or travels) well. Light isn’t kind to oil, so the opaque pouch is a clever and practical solution, and the smaller packages used in a shorter duration of time mean that your oil is more likely to stay fresh. Ultimately, the best feature to rival Teruel’s flavors happens to be the brand’s transparency.

Teruel Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil is available online, with prices starting at £9. They also offer an annual subscription for £575, that delivers 15 liters over 60 weeks.

Images by Cool Hunting