The Made Kitchen Storage Dispenser

Easily store and measure out dried goods with one all-encompassing gadget


A significant part of city life involves jostling for space and learning how to consolidate. With the Made—a cleverly designed dry goods storage unit found on
Kickstarter—a little bit of added functionality means you can ditch your measuring cups. This vertical unit made of BPA-free co-polyester can hold up to four and a half cups of anything—coffee beans, rice, you name it. At the top, easy-to-read gradation lines mark 1/8 cup, 1/4 cup and 1/2 cup measurements. With a twist of the lid and then a flip to the side, the top dispenser populates with whatever is being stored below. The two colorways (white and gray) also feature indicator colors for owners of multiple Made storage devices, so users can associate a color with whatever lies within. It also locks airtight to make sure what you’re planning on using later stays fresh.


The technology actually began with the “madcap” twist top—the feature that allows measured amounts to make their way from the bottom to the dispenser. An brainwave at 4AM led CJ Knapp to begin considering an easy way to store and measure. While making baby formula and spilling it everywhere, he dreamed up the “madcap.” Partnering with his industrial designer brother, Chris Knapp, the two began the process of making this desire a reality. “I was walking down the coffee aisle when I realized what I’m doing will have a much broader use than what I was focusing on,” CJ Knapp shares with CH. More than just applicable to formula, the Made simplifies every dry good you use. It’s convenient, well designed and will probably make kitchen life a lot easier.

A $20 contribution to the Made Kickstarter will get you the product, while a $35 contribution results in a double pack.

Images courtesy of Madcaps