The Salt

Delicious sea salt from a Korean biosphere reserve


Cultivated in an island biosphere reserve off the Korean coast, The Salt, a natural solar sea salt, is the upshot of a UNESCO-protected area laden with ample tidal flats. With climate as one of the most important factors in sea salt production, the sun- and wind-washed flats make an ideal reservoir for seawater to evaporate.

Richer in magnesium, potassium and calcium thanks to its unique geographic location (like all sea salts), The Salt makes a healthier alternative to industrial (table) salt, naturally aiding digestion and nerve function. The brand also distinguishes itself from other producers by bagging and wrapping the salt immediately after gathering to cut down on chances for contamination.

As a result, the product’s purity shows in both its intense flavor that still offers hints of the ocean, and in its distinct crystalline structure.

solar-salt-1.jpg solar-salt-2.jpg

Traditionally used in kimchee, The Salt also works perfectly as a rub or in soups. It sells at Korean markets around the U.S. and worldwide, as well as online starting at about $5 for a bottle.