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Two New Mixers


Historically frowned upon as cheap imitations for those who can't mix their own, two new mixers help remove the stigma by making delicious concentrates using high-quality ingredients. Our first contender, Mixerz, comes to us from California's Napa Valley, the cradle of America's fine wine industry that in the 1980s broke the backs of the jugwine industry, elevating California wines to a world standard. Using all natural ingredients, Mixerz has done the same for cocktail mixers.

Each of the seven flavors tastes remarkably like a freshly mixed cocktail. We were skeptical about one of our favorite summer drinks, the mojito, which is impossible to enjoy without good-quality mint leaves; nevertheless, Cool Hunting tasters were won over with this thirst-quenching mixer made by steeping real mint leaves—it has a convincing lime flavor and isn't too sweet. Others to try are the Bloody Mary, Margarita and Cosmopolitan. Even with such an uncreative name, Mixerz delivers the goods.

In the same vein, Sweetbird syrups deliver nearly 30 flavors for cocktails, smoothies, milkshakes or any variety of recipes. The flavors are fairly conventional; they stick to the known universe with options like caramel, chocolate, toasted marshmallow and peach, pineapple and raspberry, rather than trying to be outlandish. What they might lack in innovation, they more than make up for in consistency of quality. Bereft of anything artificial, they're also certified by the Vegetarian Society; aside from the culled marshmallows, each syrup is guaranteed cruelty-free. Also check out the chocolate (white and black) and caramel sauces.


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