VL92 Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit

A vibrant Dutch tipple conveniently and handsomely packaged


More than just curious paper packaging (though it is lovely, thanks to design agency Rare Fruits Council), VL92‘s Gin & Tonic Emergency Kit is a smart option for the ever-famous cocktail—and those who want to quickly whip it up. With the recipe incorporated onto the bag design, anyone can easily perfect this classic concoction. The kit includes Fentimans tonic as their preferred partner, and the gin itself stems from a malt wine foundation more closely akin to genever, a traditional liquor native to the Netherlands. That means it’s heavy on the botanicals, though well beyond the expected juniper, as coriander leaf lends the final word with a citrus flourish. The two Dutch founders, Leo Fontijne & Sietze Kalkwijk, were on a mission to create the best gin and with the conspicuously packaged, small-batch VL92 kit, they’ve created a contender.

And yes, it does lend itself to a very full-flavored gin and tonic, if you stick to their recipe. Select retailers across the Netherlands carry VL92 by itself or as a kit, with other countries coming soon.

Images by Karen Day