Link About It: This Week’s Picks

From prehistoric-era findings to the first-ever floating museum, our round-up of the web

Baumraum’s Prefab Tree Houses Start at $6,000

German design firm Baumraum custom-builds tree houses roughly the size of motorhomes. After taking into account the site—and health and future wellbeing of the surrounding trees and their roots—they prefabricate many of the houses. Of the 50 they’ve assembled around the world, prices (including construction and interior work) have ranged from approximately $20,000 to $167,000. That said, they’ve got a smaller, non-insulated option on offer for roughly $6,000. See incredible photographs of their work and read more at Dwell.

Opalized Bones Alter Australia’s Prehistoric History

Beginning with an excavation in 1984, an opal mine in Lightning Ridge (in rural New South Wales, Australia) suddenly became a hotbed for fossilized—and subsequently opalized—dinosaur bones. While the original team assumed the abnormally large and centralized collection of bones came from one body, researchers are now learning they are bones from multiple dinosaurs and an entirely new species—implying that a herd, which is now the first-ever found in Australia, roamed there. “The discovery of dinosaur groups unique to the Southern Hemisphere suggests that our current understanding of dinosaur evolution is incomplete,” says Ralph Molnar, a paleontologist at the Museum of Northern Arizona in Flagstaff. This discovery ultimately changes the commonly told history of prehistoric times. Read more at Smithsonian Mag.

Design Brands Making Strides With Sustainability

As we grow more and more conscious of the impact of our purchases—be that in food, fashion and beyond—it’s important to be aware of brands doing their best to move sustainability forward. Dezeen recently put together a list of eight lighting, textile and furniture brands (from Kvadrat to Tala) that are making strides in this realm. Some of the companies run factories that operate on 100% renewable energy, while others strictly use recycled or waste materials. Find out more about these industry leaders at Dezeen.

Paris to Open World’s First-Ever Floating Museum

Located at Pont des Invalides in Paris, a three-level museum called Fluctuart is set to house work from Swoon, JR, Keith Haring and more. The space will be the world’s first floating museum, and its rooftop (with weatherproof sculptures), main deck (coffee/cocktail bar, bookshop and permanent collection) and bottom level (for temporary exhibits and events) will be free to visit. Unlike at other museums, visitors here will be encouraged to “listen to the noise of the beach,” co-founder Nicolas Laugero Lasserre says. Read more about the opening at Afar.

London’s 360-Degree Skyscraper Rooftop Infinity Pool

With transparent sides and floor, Infinity London—a rooftop pool to be situated 220 meters up, on a proposed new multi-purpose building—may be the world’s first-ever 360-degree rooftop infinity pool. Plans grant pool access by way of a rotating spiral staircase that rises from the pool floor when someone wants to enter or exit—meaning skyline views will remain uninterrupted. Learn more about how the Compass Pools’ design overcame many technical challenges at the Independent.

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