Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Hot Wheels' Camaro, Google's tribute to Bob Ross, the Hope app and more in our look at the web this week


1. Camaro Hot Wheels

Launched this week to the applause of big kids everywhere, the Hot Wheels Edition Camaro is a full-size
production version of its micro counterpart. Upscaled with 21″ black
rims, two-tone hood graphics and Hot Wheels logos abound, the car of
many childhood dreams is set to arrive in limited numbers as early as
first quarter 2013.

2. Time + Sandy + Instagram

To give subscribers a clear portrait of hurricane Sandy in realtime, Time hired five notable photographers Ben Lowy, VII shooter, Ed Kashi, Andrew Quilti, Stephen Wilkes and Michael Christopher Brown to man their Instagram account and show the storm’s devastating impact.

3. Future Primitivism / Instinctive Overide

For Biennale Interieur 2012, Ross Lovegrove presented a project based around “genesis and the organic form.” Titled “Future Primitivism / Instinctive Override,” the installation is composed of a suspended teardrop vehicle with mesmerizing visual representations of its aerodynamic properties projected onto the surface.

4. Hope App

Sandy’s recent devastation brings up the important question of how to prepare for and respond to disaster situations first asked in 2011 after the oil spill in Japan. Design firm RKS partnered with InterFUEL on the Hope App to address the issue of half the population’s lack of preparedness, and offer a tool to stay connected to loved ones and the world at large during an incident. Read more about the case study behind the project and how technology can be leveraged for emergency response and philanthropic purposes.


5. Morie Nishimura’s “Butterfly” Mirrors

Architect and designer Morie Nishimura presented Hinged Brass Mirrors at the London Design Festival, their bi-fold movement reminding some onlookers of a butterfly in flight. Simple and functional with an undercurrent of whimsy, the mirrors’ name, “A Quiet Celebration” is equally enchanting and, for certain design nerds, totally accurate.

6. Bob Ross Google Tribute

The legendary painter and PBS personality Bob Ross received a digital tribute from Google this week, giving search-goers a subliminal bit of peace with Ross’ pleasant visage and his “happy little trees.”

7. Adidas Snowboarding Site

Taking the step into snowboarding, Adidas recently launched a
dedicated website dominated by an innovative, interactive scrolling
layout. As you scroll through the site the updated grid design zooms
in and out with detail shots of the new discipline’s sole
representative Jake Blauvelt. An exciting step in terms of UI design and sport infiltration for
the brand for sure.

8. How to Keep Electronics Going With No Power

When NY Times tech columnist David Pogue found himself without power from the effects of Superstorm Sandy, the handy guru put together a rough guide to electricity-free living. Among his recommendations are solar chargers, 3G tethering and a friend’s shower.