Reusing Old Electric Vehicle Batteries to Power Cities

When some electric vehicle batteries near the end of their life, they get recycled through a smelting method that emits chemicals into the air. As an alternative, the European Union’s Interreg North-West Europe Programme and the British company Connected Energy have come together to create a circular economy in Nottingham, England, powered by old EV batteries. Dubbed E-STOR, this energy storage system features 40 two-way electric vehicle chargers that are connected to solar panels and hubs containing 24 old batteries. For each of these hubs, up to 300kW of power (enough to provide energy to 12 homes) can be extracted. The city sends this energy, combined with solar-generated power, into the national grid during peak hours to reduce stress on the grid. Learn more about the project at Reasons to be Cheerful.

Image courtesy of Connected Energy