Ace & Jig

A back-to-basics debut of ethically-made tanks, Bajas and dresses


From the founders of LaRok clothing, Brooklyn-based label Ace & Jig refine casual basics in medium-weight fabrics for every season—Baja hoodies, tanks, raglan blouses and smock dresses—in understated neutrals. Slouchy cuffed sleeves and keyhole details keep the recently-aunched look sweetly feminine, while stripes of shades like sky blue, lemon yellow and orange add a vibrant touch.


Stripes, Ace & Jig’s signature, “have the long-lasting qualities of a classic and iconic medium”—a design approach that goes hand in hand with their ethos of tradition and responsibility. Working directly with fair practice weavers in India, designers Cary Vaughan and Jenna Wilson based their entire debut collection on yarn-dyed wovens fabricated on ancient looms.

AceandJig_3.jpg AceandJig_4.jpg

The material-focused debut speaks to their shared passion for antique fabrics, which Vaughan and Wilson collect avidly. Friends for nearly a decade, the two spent three years together on LaRok, reuniting after a break to raise their own families.

Visit Ace & Jig’s website for stockists and more views of their Fall/Winter 2010 collection.