XXL’s Playlist For The Government Shutdown

XXL's Playlist For The Government Shutdown, Sam Valenti's nostalgic #PrivateJam, Darkside's "Paper Trails" and more

On 1 October 2013, almost everyone in America could empathize with rapper El-P, who in his authority-challenging track “The Jig Is Up” says, “You must be out of your goddamn mind.” The US government shutdown began Tuesday after Congress couldn’t reach an agreement on the Affordable Care Act, an asinine dispute that’s furloughed 800,000 people. Hip-hop magazine XXL takes listeners on journey of protest songs with Playlist For The Government Shutdown, which features the El-P track and other lyrical bangers like Public Enemy’s “Shut ’em Down,” “Reagan” by Killer Mike, Eminem’s “White America” and more.