Acronym Etaproof Tec Sys Shorts


Although it's snowing today, the first day of Spring, in NYC, while looking for a versatile pair of shorts I found these Swiss-made Acronym Etaproof Tec Sys Shorts which might be all I need for the coming summer months. Acronym's consistent high attention to detail (technical and otherwise) is what made us fans in the first place and this short is no different.

Although the shorts feature 10 pockets, the straight and neat fit (almost miraculously trim) make them useful in both outdoor and urban settings. The cargo pockets, unlike the baggy messes common to most other brands, are cut on a forward angle so that gravity pulls the pocket's contents to the front ensuring easy access. They also feature a four-way stretch mesh pocket lining for comfort and flexibility.


Using a technology originally developed for WWII Pilot Suits (and still in use today for military and industrial wear), the Stotz Etaproof High-Density Cotton is a material that puts the Acronym Shorts in a league of their own. Meticulously constructed from long staple cotton strands woven into an extremely dense structure the material is durable, water repellent and windproof—but breathable.


Available from The Glade for 439€.