Cheapo Watches

Inexpensive time pieces with playful, fun designs from Sweden


With 2015 in full swing, many around the globe are already finding their New Year’s resolutions easier said than done. For those looking to be more punctual, and more sensible with their spending this time around, Sweden’s Cheapo watches offers countless clever timepiece designs that won’t empty out your wallet. Though they’re certainly not new on the international scene, the modest brand has recently started to ramp up their North American presence—luckily their watches are analog, so no need to fret over a 24-hour clock.

Cheapo’s line of unisex watches is extensive to say the least, with everything from vintage-inspired patterns and classic nautical designs to a psychedelic satanic kitten. And for those who just don’t give a damn about being on time, but still want a fun watch, the Barbara Kruger-inspired “Screw It” model should do nicely. A single-ply leather strap and quartz movement come standard. Prices land around $50.

Image by Cool Hunting