Geometry Lessons T-Shirts

An Australian artist turns conventional shapes into an unconventional tee-shirt line

by Anna Carnick

geometry-lessons1.jpg geometry-lessons2.jpg

For artist Lincoln Mayne shapes don’t get any better than geometric ones, a theory he recently put to the test with his debut t-shirt collection Geometry Lessons. His designs center around three ubiquitous shapes—the circle, the square and the diamond—but his treatment of them looks more urban-tribal than grade school.

Mayne’s unconventional approach comes thanks to the Australian’s fine art background, which he quite literally applies by translating his watercolor paintings and sculpture onto fashion. Designing under the moniker LM.affair, his wearable-art tees’ unusual compositions and color choices stem from a rich well influences.

geometry-lessons3.jpg geometry-lessons4.jpg

Inspired by a mix of objects spanning antique scarves to industrial architecture, the collection arose from the New York-based artist’s “fascination and study of big shapes, futurism and the relationship of the self to scale.” As a result of his newfound medium, Mayne explains he’s “falling head over heels for textiles” and imagines many late nights in the future hunched over his textile printing press.

geometry-lessons5.jpg geometry-lessons6.jpg

Made exclusively of super soft organic cotton, using low-impact, water-based inks and organic cleansers, the men’s and women’s hand-printed tees sell for $45 each from LM.affair.

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