Joji Kojima

Over-the-top macabre glam from a Japan-based jewelry designer

JOJI1.jpg JOJI2.jpg

Not content with just simple macabre, jewelry designer Joji Kojima‘s heavily-bejeweled creations layer on baroque references and over-the-top fetishism, with the kind of craftsmanship usually reserved for more conservative luxury brands. His glitzy output spans gold-chained rabbit muzzles and hats made of crystallized teeth.

Born in California, Kojima studied graphic design at Tama Art University, honing his talents while assisting the couture brand, Yoshiko Creation Paris. The label turned heads when Lady Gaga made a guest appearance on Music Japan wearing Yoshiko’s black umbrella headpiece entitled “B-612” (from the Le Petite Prince collection). Later when Kojima introduced his custom brand Hotel Gluttony, Gaga celebrity helped catapult it into a fashion sensation too when she wore his chain mail mask on the cover of her “Fame Monster” album.


Kojima’s latest A/W 2010-2011 collection turns death into design with a suspended skull ring (based on the designer’s own head) that gracefully dangles several inches above the finger. Standout pieces also include a skull mask with a working hinged jaw piece, and a fashionable accessory to violence—a diamond studded knuckle duster.

The line sells through Tokyo-based retailer, Restir.