Link About It: This Week’s Picks

A Geocities throwback, the sunglasses Sartorialist, profane dining advice, and much more in our weekly best of the web


1. The Geocitiesizer

Featured on Refinery29, the Geocitiesizer transforms any site to resemble one built with the defunct Geocities, where Comic Sans and tiled backgrounds ruled. Yes, the animated GIF of Ally McBeal’s dancing baby is as creepy now as it was in the ’90s.

2. I Ride For Livestrong

Altruistic agency
created I Ride For Livestrong—a simulation of the 12-day-long Tour of California tasking visitors to join the ride as part of a global movement to end cancer.

3. Pitchforkquotes

Twitter’s Pitchforkquotes keeps followers entertained tweeting the music website’s overblown declarations like “cultural backseat drivers, weaving hushed, ornate arrangements” and head-scratching phrases such as “genuine earworms, both unfailingly hip and often wonderfully associative.”

4. Shades Spotting

Designer I Am Jet throws us some major love, highlighting editorial intern Roman Espejo’s sweet new site Shade Spotting and his latest subject, contributing editor Karen Day.

5. Brospotting

Not to be outshined by the cast of Jersey Shore, the popped-collar, keg-standing set find Internet posterity on Brospotting. It’s worth noting that one of our own, CH contributor Seth Brau, had the same idea with the more cleverly named, but mothballed Brotorialist.

6. Yuketen Spring 2010

On their recently-redesigned site, Inventory Magazine has us coveting the handcrafted moccasin boots and canvas packs from Americana heritage brand Yuketen.

7. Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet Soup

Hyperakt describes the retro-1950s style posters comprising illustrator Paul Thurlby‘s Alphabet Soup as the perfect kids room decoration or collectors piece for graphic design aficionados.

8. What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner

If you can’t decide what to make for dinner, and care for some humorous caps-locked profanity to go with your meal suggestions, look no further than What The Fuck Should I Make For Dinner? Keep refreshing the page until you find a meal you like, then just click to get to the recipe page.