Lunis Reflective Crescent Windshell

A stealth way to stay safe while cycling at night


After seeing three friends hit by cars while riding their bicycles at night in a span of just a few months, Los Angeles-based designer Brett Clouser felt compelled to found Lunis, an outdoor specific clothing brand with the goal of creating reflective clothing that is as attractive as it is protective. Much in the same way many people avoid wearing helmets for fear of simply looking like a kook, donning reflective gear while cycling is often ignored as well. In an effort to bridge the gap between fashion and function, Lunis’ first product, the Crescent Windshell opts for an understated design in classic black and a slim silhouette.

Lunis_Product-Front-1.jpg Lunis_Product-Front-2.jpg

The low-profile windbreaker features patterns of tiny glass beads on the lower back and shoulders for full 360-degree visibility while in a prone riding position. In direct daylight, the beads fall mute, attracting minimal attention. In poor lighting conditions, the beads catch and reflect light back at the original source, much in the same way car headlights do. The lightweight, water-repellent jacket aims to keep the wearer dry and comfortable even in wet weather conditions—an essential time when cyclists need to be focused on the road and not their gear.


To make the Crescent Windshell even more wearable, Clouser made it extremely packable. In fact, the entire jacket rolls up into it’s own rear pocket for ultimate portability. This also solves the issue of lugging around a jacket once you’ve reached your destination. And if you’re like us, you’ll appreciate that all Lunis products are made entirely in the US, with a lifetime guarantee.


Lunis’ Crescent Windshell is now on Kickstarter, where you can back the project early on and secure a jacket for just $150. Once funded, Lunis will remain committed to making the brand as accessible as possible, and will sell direct to consumers at what will essentially be a wholesale price.

Images courtesy of Lunis