M.I.A. Custom Reeboks


You know we love M.I.A.— as Ranjani put it, she’s a hyper-conscious, ultra-cool, bi- (tri-?) lingual artist that could, in another universe, be a science fiction superhero. Her album Arular is a big hit and her current tour is sold out all over the place. If you haven't heard it, listen now.

Among the many things I admire is the range of talents M.I.A. packs in. Her art is as gritty and high impact as her music. She made her own video. And her style is funky-fab– a little 80s, a little island and a dash of hip-hop. Bringing it all together she's customized 10 pairs of Reebok Classics (below). Want a pair? We got access to one. We'll give it away to someone on our mailing list, so drop us a line with your shoe size and be sure to check "join the mailing list." A winner will be picked tomorrow afternoon.

6/16 UPDATE: A winner has been selected. Thanks to all who participated, especially those who generously stroked our egos along the way!