Odeur Spring/Summer 2010: Light

From the Swedish label with an aroma, a new collection interpreting the season with moody prints and dramatic proportions


Founded in 2006 around a conceptual branding approach "seeking to broaden the opinion of what design really means," Odeur uses "a unique scent and its molecular structure as a replacement for the traditional, word-based logotype." The upshot, clothes fragranced with an airy, light smell comparable to CK One and a pyramid-shaped symbol, sets the tone for forward-thinking looks that, this season, incorporate subtly odd details like boat-necked and pleated tees.

odeur-spring2.jpg odeur-10.jpg

Inspired by "sun faded lines and transparent gossamer surfaces," the Spring/Summer 2010 collection uses a washed-out palate of blues and grays in jersey, building on their last season for a series of oversize tees and deeply pleated bottoms that play to an emerging men's silhouette. This new proportion—exaggerated tops paired with slimmer pants—works equally well for (and is perhaps inspired by) women.

odeur-11.jpg odeur-spring5.jpg

Odeur sells online from Oki-Ni (which we're excited to report now also carries P.A.M.), starting at £75. See more images after the jump.

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