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Ops! Rock Collection

Jumbo gems and soft silicone in a new line


Having made a playful name for itself with its ultra-thin Flat watches, Ops! Objects has most recently added to its silicone and jumbo gem family with the Rock collection. The oversized rocks point to the hyperbolic notion of “bling” with a light attitude and bright colors. Swapping out precious metals for soft-touch resin, both the necklace and ring pop with a simple, slightly cheeky statement.

ops-object2.jpg ops-object3.jpg ops-object4.jpg

Drawing in pop culture fads like the day-glo, sporty look of the 1980s in their watches, Ops! goes back to the ’50s to influence its stereotypically feminine Rocks pieces. The candy colors—especially an aquamarine strikingly similar to Tiffany’s famous blue hue—allude to the ultra ladylike vibe of the postwar decade, while rubbery finishes and fake gems clarify the modern statement.

Ops! Objects are available in limited supply online and at select stockists in Italy. Visit the website for more information.


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