Osloh Jeans

The perfect jeans for biking are now available for purchase on Kickstarter


Born from Brooklyn’s bike scene in 2008, Osloh Jeans have sought to make the best pants and shorts for the global cycling community. After years of product testing and evolution, designer and founder Shawn Drayton has partnered with The Product Incubator founder (and owner of a 1972 Bristol 411) Richard Gray. Now available on Kickstarter, their new line furthers advancements in both performance and style by way of an incredible attention to detail. This is apparel made by bike riders for bike riders.

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Osloh Jeans require 40 separate manufacturing procedures—in huge contrast to typical everyday jeans, which require about 15. This translates to superior functionality. Across all three new designs, the trousers have been enhanced regarding durability, performance and style. The list of features is vast, from double-lined pockets and waistbands to Gray’s favorite “quilted chamois reinforced crotch and seat.” All of the seams and stitching are reinforced for longevity and the denim and twill fabrics were specifically developed for Osloh. There is stretch to the material and added protection through antibacterial and water-repellent coating. Comfort is taken care of amidst design flourishes such as purple pocketing and binding, as well as specialized printed and woven identification on the inside.

“There are some wonderful companies offering a cycling pant but none get close to the features, form and function of a pair of Olsohs,” Gray affirms. Before becoming a part of the company, he owned a pair of Oslohs—a gift from his wife—which he soon began wearing every day while riding to work in downtown San Francisco. “The number of people cycling to work has grown enormously and the vast majority of people don’t want to wear the normal bicycle Lycra attire,” Gray explained. He found stylish functionality in Osloh Jeans, and two years later approached Drayton about the future of the brand.

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“What I loved was his desire to make the very best bicycling jeans—nothing more, nothing less. He wants to do one thing really well and I find that very appealing and the bedrock to evolving a brand that will stand the test of time,” notes Gray. Drayton ultimately spent four years testing products around NYC and was ready to move forward with a new collection, when Gray entered. The new line includes Crank Utility Trousers, a more refined cargo pant with plenty of space; the Traffic Slim Jean, a five-pocket pant cut a little tighter and the Lane Trouser—just as versatile, but more dressed up than the jeans. For warmer days, the Shift Short option offers the same quality construct as the pants. Altogether, all of the cycling apparel bases are covered.

Osloh’s jeans and trousers are available at Kickstarter for the wholesale price $98, shorts for the wholesale price of $68.

Images courtesy of Osloh Jeans