The Contemporary Eau by Thirdman

A refreshing take on 19th century scents


Mystery swathes the fragrance brand Thirdman. Founded by Jean-Christophe le Greves in New York in 2012, their four scents are made in collaboration with some of the world’s most noteworthy perfumers: Jean-Marc Chaillan, Bruno Jovanovic and Clement Gavarry. Each embodies a modern take on 19th century scents, or the “Eau de Cologne.” Fresh and minimal, yet historically inspired, all four products are fit for man, woman or the home. From their gender dexterity to their intriguing lightness balanced with longevity, Thirdman’s atmosphere is worth breathing in.


According to the brand, “an Eau de Cologne is a specific craft in the world of perfumery.” Its traditional composition required citrus for definition. Historically, “Eau de Cologne is prepared at lower-than-traditional perfume concentrations.” This allowed the essence of each ingredient to flourish. Beginning in the 18th century, botanical extracts were infused with water for a believed tonic-like benefit. More than perfume, they were considered cure-alls.


Bearing minimal composition and high quality ingredients, Thirdman’s recent release—called Eau Nomade—delights with citrus and spice. Drawn from a Cardamom-core imported from Eastern India, there is a rich base blended with the citric lightness of lemon and blood orange from Sicily.


Our personal preference lays with Eau Profonde. Amber, in its most weightless derivation, matches with mineral citrus. The airiness feels cotton-clean while being fit for professional occasions. It’s a classic.

Thirdman products retail at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorfs, Fred Segal, and Liberty London in varied bottle sizes with interchangeable spray/splash tops and a price ranging from $75 to $250.

Photos by David Graver