Very French Gangsters

Stylish, comfortable eyewear for kids only


For elementary school kids, glasses can be considered a physical as well as mental constraint to their carefree lives. A pair of Very French Gangsters, however, is a confidence-boosting accessory that will set wearers apart from the crowd—in the best way possible. Paris-based Anne Masanet and Karoline Bothorel-Bolzinger teamed up to create the hip eyewear line for the neglected demographic (three to 14-year-olds) that has us wishing we were a little (or a lot) younger.


The duo first met five years ago, while Masanet oversaw a children’s wear department at a purchasing office and ran into Bothorel-Bolzinger, who was working as a fashion design consultant. Realizing that they were both “eyewear addicts,” Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger combined their experience in the industry to create glasses that would fit smaller faces, while preserving the kids’ playfulness rather than making them look too mature.


Masanet and Bothorel-Bolzinger both have two children each (aged between 17 months to six years old) so many of their designs are inspired by their daily experiences. “Eyewear for kids is full of constraints; those constraints became the basis of our creation process,” the duo tells CH. “We have to pay attention to the nose-pad, the tips, the size and the quality of the lenses—otherwise the glasses will be uncomfortable. The design of our products makes no compromise between comfort and fashion.”


Although a new brand, Very French Gangsters has already become an international favorite and is even stocked in famed Parisian department store, Le Bon Marché. Very French Gangsters’ third collection, named “By The Way,” features cheekily named styles like “Very Bombe” and “Very Swag.” The strong and lightweight acetate frames have flex hinges and adjustable tips, and the category three sunglasses use lenses that block blue light and offer 100% UV protection.


“Eyewear for kids must be original and not a copy of the adult’s fashion glasses. For the ‘By the Way’ collection, we wanted to add freshness and fantasy. The title showed that we were on our way,” they say. “This collection is really the continuation of the two previous. We are already working on the next collection, but obviously we will not say a word; otherwise it is not funny.” Whatever Very French Gangsters is planning, it’s sure to have kids fibbing at the eye doctor’s to get their hands on a prescription.


Very French Gangsters eyewear starts at €170 and is available at their online store or view a full list of stockists around the world. Also check out their collaboration with Franco-Colombian contemporary knitwear brand Warmi that produced colorful glasses cords.

Images courtesy of Very French Gangsters