WESC 686 Jean


If you're over tight jeans these days, then WESC's new 686 Raw Selvage Jeans are the way to go. Baggy, but not early '90s baggy, they're a medium-rise, straight leg pant with a more generous cut than super skinnies. Part of their premium denim line, the Japanese fabric (it's ring spun denim, produced on vintage shuttle looms with a handmade finishing process) features a mix of yellow and gold seams. Asymmetrical stitch patterns adorn the two rear pockets, while the front pocket linings are stamped with the WESC print. Other nice details include back and coin pockets cut with the yellow and white selvage lines intact while buttons and rivets read "Superlative Conspiracy Yeah!"

Visit WESC to find stores and contact information. Also be sure to check out their jackets, sweats and knitwear, which are often good picks and top of the line.

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