The White Briefs and Fantastic Man

Literally underdress better this summer with a collaborative collection of breezy underthings

WB-100.jpg WB-200.jpg

When summer hits, it’s normal to change up your wardrobe to account for the warm weather but rarely do we change what we wear beneath our clothes. Teaming up with the bi-annual gentleman’s style journal, Fantastic Man, Swedish underwear brand The White Briefs has created a collection of mesh underwear better suited to warmer climes.

“The briefs, vest and t-shirt are all made from lovely organic cotton,” says The White Briefs’ creative director Peter Simonsson. With underwear being the item of clothing closest to your skin, specification of the mesh itself was crucial to the success of the project.

The cut and fit of the three pieces were also a chief concern. Rather than restricting the wearer, the pieces follow the natural line of the body, complementing movements. The briefs feature a boxy, high-waisted cut with a double-layer of mesh in the crotch for a little added support, while the vest arches across the chest to curve pleasingly around the armpit. Even the t-shirt gets a little added attention on the cutting board, with arms nestling midway down the bicep while the high neck draws the attention up to the face.

“It feels deliciously light. Since you are literally wearing half the amount of fabric you would normally wear, it’s almost like being naked,” attests Fantastic Man editor Jop van Bennekom.

The collection sells online with prices pitched between €35-60. With strong consideration behind each item, it’s a perfectly executed collaboration for the summer season.