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Xetum Kendrick Collection

Modernist automatic movements made in the spirit of the California sun

Jeff Kuo founded Xetum to create watches with fresh, California-inspired, modern design and old school Swiss craftsmanship. Launched in 2009, the watches are immediately recognizable, marked by unadorned, lugless cases and simple dials. Inspiration for the aesthetic is directly drawn from aviation instruments and modernist architecture—an ideal marriage of interior complexity and exterior calm.

Today, 2 April 2013, Xetum introduces the Kendrick Collection, inspired by the sun and sea. The mid-sized yet substantial 40mm watch—water resistant up to 100 meters—comes in three colors and a range of straps, both striped NATO nylon and rugged rubber. New to the brand are brighter colors, reflective of the Kendrick’s casual attitude. Our favorite is the black dial with the bright blue hands and hours. With so many watch bands available elsewhere, it’s easy to further personalize your watch.

“The part that intrigues me is the selection of the proportions,” says Kuo. “It’s getting the proportions of everything right. There’s a lot of trial and error in getting it balanced, getting the spacing of the dots, the hash marks, the relative width of the hands.” Through this process, Kuo and his design team are able to create something that is fresh and classic at the same time.

The Kendrick collection is available from Xetum online starting at $995.

Lead image courtesy of Xetum; Other images by James Thorne