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Biodegradable At-Home COVID Tests

Over the past couple of years, we’ve become accustomed to seeing face masks and rapid at-home COVID tests thrown in the trash. In fact, every at-home test results in approximately 10 grams of plastic that’s destined for landfill. To counter this, London-based studio Morrama has designed the Eco-Flo—a biodegradable and recyclable iteration—that aims to drastically reduce waste and provide a more user-friendly experience. The prototype, designed by Morrama’s founder and creative director, Jo Barnard, is made from recyclable paper pulp, comes in a biodegradable sachet and calls for saliva-based testing—meaning no more nasal swabs. “The test kit was wildly reinvented to be more user-friendly and accessible, too: no more verbose leaflets, painful nose swabs, and faint pink lines that can’t be deciphered by low-vision people,” writes Elissaveta M Brandon for Fast Company. Find out more there.

Image courtesy of Morrama

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