Ceramic Subwoofer

Joey Roth takes his porcelain speakers to the next level of audio bliss


In 2009 product designer Joey Roth wowed us with the debut of his beautiful Ceramic Speakers, made by hand with little more than porcelain, wood and cork. Now after three years of extensive prototyping and numerous other projects, Roth announces a matching Ceramic Subwoofer to seamlessly improve his speaker’s performance and enhance the overall listening experience. The two-piece design consists of a single cylindrical sub made of porcelain and Baltic birch that sits atop a stainless steel 50 watt Class D amp.


Powered by two individual drivers to extend bass response—one is powered by the amp, the other tuned as a passive radiator—the subwoofer delivers more precise interpretation of bass-heavy tunes. The sub’s amp connects directly to the speaker’s own small amp with a single cord, where an internal crossover then sends low frequencies directly to the subwoofer. While the obvious benefit of increased bass presence is significant, the redistribution of frequencies allows the small speakers to focus entirely on mid-range and high frequencies, resulting in a new richness in vocals and acoustics and an overall balanced performance.


Having announced it today, Roth is currently taking orders for the first 300 subs to be produced, with an estimated ship date of early December 2012. The Ceramic Subwoofer sells for $695 on its own or together with matching Ceramic Speakers as a package for $1,095. Visit Joey Roth online for more info.