The newest matchmaking service introduces real-life spontaneity to online dating

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New dating site Cheek’d
attempts to capitalize on social cowardice by offering a set of witty cards for either simply handing out, surreptitiously slipping into a pocket, left on a table, or given to a friend to carry out the dirty work.

The card informs the unsuspecting recipient that they’ve been Cheek’d and directs them to your profile where they can presumably make a better impression than stammering a well-worn line in the bar, coffee shop, laundromat, parent-teacher conference—or wherever the chance encounter took place.


While not nearly as regimented as speed dating or as creepy as missed connections, Cheek’d allows social cowards to hide behind the Internet to meet real people in real life.

The cards run $25 for a deck of 50, which includes a month of service. To continue longer, it will cost $10 a month, but the novelty could wear off within that amount of time.