A new sale site for community-curated tech products


The excitement of curated flash sale sites combines with community sourcing on Curisma, a new site for tech junkies and online shoppers alike. With a name that’s a mash-up of the words curiosity, curated and charisma, the MIT start-up applies the same principles to its business model. Twice a week, the website features an item chosen by Curisma community members. Carefully chosen to match users’ tastes, products span virtual keyboards to fingerprint-protected wallets. Curisma members hand-select the products, which means that you can potentially choose your own sale item. Several Cool Hunting picks have gone up for sale on Curisma in recent days and weeks, including Barnacle and Rev–>Table.

With a sharp eye for new and under-the-radar products, the site helps users stay ahead of the tech game, as it tracks activity with the Curisma-meter, which traces products added to the site. While Curisma remains in beta, it definitely shows promise and is an example of clever ingenuity in a digital setting. For more proof, check out the video above.