Delivering digital images from a smartphone or PDA to your eye, SBG Labs' optical technology prototype DigiLens makes it possible to seamlessly layer virtual information over physical reality.

Built from holographic optical switching technology, the DigiLens diffracts specific wavelengths and polarizations of light and guides them to the user's eye. To date, eyeglasses, which can store the necessary light-emitting laser diode in the side of the frame, best accomplish the feat. Once the laser diode shoots the beam toward the eyeglass surface, the holographic gratings computerize and diffract it.

Although eyeglasses are the easiest way to integrate this technology, biocompatible contact lenses are also in development, in which the light-emitting diodes are made separately from the lens and then added to it before the entire device receives a biocompatible coating.


Seemingly the only real applicable advantage to this technology is immediate access to frivolous information, but no matter which way you see it, the augmented reality is a stepping stone in the way we receive information in the future.


via The New York Times