Make Your Phone a Virtual Reality Viewer With Dodocase’s SMARTvr

An affordable, portable and easy-to-use product for VR enthusiasts

Now crowdfunding on Indigogo, Dodocase’s SMARTvr is an affordable way to turn your smartphone into a virtual reality viewer. Working with virtual reality mobile apps available from Google Play (this device is Google certified) or the Apple Store, it’s as simple as attaching the viewer, opening a VR app and taking a look around your new, immersive location. It works just like Google Cardboard, but is a bit more refined. And, with a 100-degree field of view, the SMARTvr offers the widest perspective of any portable viewer currently on the market.

Other VR headsets are much bigger, clunkier and not really portable. The high-quality plastic SMARTvr attaches to almost all smartphones, folds flat when removed and is neither thick nor cumbersome when in use or at rest. It also weighs a minute 3.2 oz (90 grams). In addition to the portability, there’s an element of durability hailing from its source material and microsuede cover. Altogether, this is a premium product designed for ease of use that opens the world of virtual reality up to anyone with an Android or iOS smartphone—whether they’re looking to play games, immerse themselves in live activities or enhance existing content.

Dodocase’s SMARTvr is currently funding on Indigogo, where a minimum donation of just $28 will secure you a SMARTvr. When the product hits shelves, it will retail for $40.

Images by Cool Hunting