Fujifilm’s Instax Square SQ10

A hybrid instant film camera offering digital filters and traditional prints

Between the sheer ease of mobile photography and the plentiful options for quick or substantial modification, camera phones have muscled all other forms of consumer photography into the background.Yet, no one can deny a continued love of instant photos and their tactile nature. In fact, it’s a market that’s growing once again. Now, Fujifilm has incorporated some of the most engaging elements of digital imagery into their new Instax Square SQ10. This is a hybrid camera with an actual photographic print as the end result.

Regarding the technology, the camera features an LCD screen in lieu of a traditional viewfinder. In addition to a digital image sensor, that functions quite well in low light, there are a series of functions affixed to three buttons: 10 different filters, brightness adjustment and vignette control. Thus, users can shoot, edit if they wish, process and then print or save (to onboard memory or an external memory card). The printing, however, isn’t the usual from Instax. As the name implies, the Squarer SQ10 uses a brand new Instax Square film format that will appear very familiar to those used to Instagram. It’s in a 1:1 aspect ratio. Altogether then, you have the immediacy of modern photography apps and editing met with expeditious nature of instant cameras—and it is fun.

The Instax Square SQ10 is available for preorder at $279. Delivery is expected 27 May. Instax Square film is already available, retailing for $17 for a 10 exposure pack.

Images by Cool Hunting