Leica’s First-Ever Instant Camera

The Sofort is packed with special features, including a selfie mirror

Using Fujifilm Instax Mini film, Leica‘s first-ever instant camera—the Sofort—has just been announced. The exciting news means that the trusted camera brand will include some of their best-known features with a camera style that oftentimes doesn’t offer extras; for example the Sofort will have several modes including Automatic, Party + People, Sports Action and Macro. These modes mean that no matter the situation, you’ll end up with a great shot—and not end up wasting precious film. You can also snap multiple exposures, timed shots and (for selfie-enthusiasts) there is even a mirror to help get the best angle when aiming the camera at yourself. Beyond the auto-modes, however, Leica hasn’t forgotten about their camera expert following—there are manual control overrides for more confident photo-snappers who want to be able to play around with focus, flash and brightness. As usual with Leica products, the camera itself is charming—a little retro, but still modern-day and functional—and is available in orange, mint or white. We haven’t yet seen the image quality first-hand, but are confident they’ll be the best-looking instant photos ever, given the quality of Leica’s glass and Fuji’s film.

The brand is also releasing its own instant film that pays homage to the nostalgic nature of the entire project by boasting a warm cream color border. Available in color or monochrome, the film will be available to buy separately.

The Sofort comes with a 100-snap battery life, will cost $299 and is expected to officially release in November.

Images courtesy of Leica