Glimpse Dating App Update

The Instagram-based dating app rethinks the way users interact and connect

glimpse-update-1.jpg glimpse-update-2.jpg

This past winter, iPhone dating app Glimpse launched as a way for curious creatives to see and meet like-minded individuals by way of Instagram. With the original platform, users browsed a selection of Instagram images and selected in a “yes or no” manner—much like rival dating app Tinder. This past week however, Glimpse introduced a near comprehensive update, encouraging users to connect directly through images, rather than on a “match”-dependent basis. While users still sign in through Instagram, the update now allows profile pictures to originate elsewhere, and target demographic to be adjusted (age, sex, location). Plus if you accidentally skip someone while browsing, Glimpse now allows you to backtrack—something many Tinder users will recognize as a valuable asset.

glimpse-update3.jpg glimpse-update4.jpg

While the overall identity update is obviously major, the unique way users start conversations is the real selling point. By browsing others’ images, you get a glimpse into their day-to-day life. And, if something catches your eye, you’re free to start a conversation based on that individual image. The only hesitation toward the new format would be that without a mutually agreed upon attraction, some users may find themselves flooded with unwanted messages. Though in the case of an online dating app, is there such thing as too much attention?

Visit Glimpse online for the full rundown, or download the free, updated app and see for yourself.

Images by Cool Hunting