iOS 11 Almost Turns an iPad into a MacBook

With an attachable keyboard and the latest operating system, laptop-like tasks are easily achieved

Next Tuesday Apple will be hosting an event where we expect to see the unveil of their latest iPhone. As it’s the 10th anniversary of the game-changing device, expectations are high for a significant new design. While I’m in that camp, I’m honestly even more excited that the event will be held in the Steve Jobs theater on Apple’s new Foster and Partners-designed campus. The space promises to be an aesthetic statement worthy of its namesake. More on that to come next week.

On Tuesday as well, the latest iOS will shed its beta flag and be released to all users. As mentioned in my iPad Pro 10.5″ review, the combination of that device, a smart keyboard and iOS 11 offers the functionality and power to potentially replace a MacBook. Using beta version of the new operating system for the last three months my opinion on this has only strengthened. The good news is that the new features in IOS 11 are available to all iPad users and Apple has compiled a series of cheeky “how-to” videos to help us all get acquainted ahead of installing the update next week. Below are three of the most relevant ones for those of us who want to multitask and multitouch the new features.

Multitasking lets you keep two different apps in view at the same time so that you can work in both and move things between them. This is commonplace in the MacOS, but on iOS it’s still new territory and the touch interface to use them needs a little explanation.

The app dock in iOS 11 can now be used to open files, launch multitasking apps and more. Again, common functionality on the Mac, but new to the iPad.

Multitouch has been on the iPad for awhile, but the extent to which you can use multiple fingers and hands to get stuff done is all new. It takes some getting used to and a little coordination, but it’s worth it.

Images and videos courtesy of Apple