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Mendr Fixes Your Photos

A real-life Photoshop professional will edit your images, thanks to this clever app

At CH HQ, various staff members ask me to help with photo shoots, composition and—most of all—editing. While I’m always happy to lend a hand, there are times I’m not around, and of course, many people don’t work alongside a Lightroom or Photoshop pro. For anybody who needs a little assistance perfecting their images, now there is Mendr; an app that connects you with real-life photo editors who can clean up your snaps. From removing a blemish, deleting a photo-bomber or smoothing the wrinkles out of clothing—your Mendr editor is willing and able. All you need to do is select an image from your phone’s camera roll, explain what needs fixing (be clear and straight-forward so the editor understands completely) and send it. In no time, a professional will be tinkering with your photo to make it perfect.

Not only can users tailor their editing process, there is also the option for Editor’s Touch (which is free) that lets the professional decide what needs tweaking. Alternatively, there is a Merge option, which means you can blend two of your images—for instance, a happy child’s face rather than the same kid who is mid-tantrum. Users can even select a specific editor whose work they loved.

The clever app is the brainchild of Dallas-based Pat Thibodeau and Josh Farrar, and the people involved are in two groups: users and editors. People can sign-up to either group, and while being an editor might not be enough income for most (yet), it’s a quick and easy way to make some extra cash.

Mendr is available for download at the Apple and Google app stores.

Images courtesy of Mendr


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