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Mighty Audio’s Portable Player

Stream from Spotify without your phone

There’s now a tech solution for those who are tired of having their phone tag along on fitness activities but don’t want to give up their perfectly tailored Spotify playlists. Allowing runners, bikers and others to detach from the physical (and mental) weight of smartphones is Mighty Audio, which launches on Kickstarter today. The small, lightweight device allows you to stream your favorite high-energy songs on-the-go—without requiring constant phone connection. Using Mighty seems intuitive: connect your smartphone to Mighty via Bluetooth, open up the Mighty app, log-in to Spotify Premium, and then toggle your playlists to be “Available Offline.” The songs are then saved onto Mighty (downloaded over WiFi), rather than your phone. There’s 2GB of dedicated music memory, which is enough songs to last you two days; however, Mighty still hasn’t been able to finalize approximate battery life. For now, they’re promising at least five hours of continuous music playback but aiming for much higher than that—around 10 hours.

So why not just purchase a similarly sized and similarly screen-less $49 Apple iPod shuffle, which also allows you to exercise sans smartphone? “People aren’t downloading songs for 99c anymore,” Head of Operations Anthony Pu tells CH, adding that iPod and iTunes syncing has been a regularly frustrating experience—plus, it always requires a connecting cable. In addition, Mighty has their sights set beyond Spotify: they eventually want to integrate other streaming services, music apps, fitness tracking and more onto the device. This is one hopeful example of tech starting to catch up to rapidly changing music consumption habits.

Reserve a Mighty for as low as $70 ($79 if you snooze on the early-bird pricing) via their Kickstarter campaign, launched today. Expected shipping of first batches is November 2016.

Images courtesy of Mighty


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