Mobile Conference Room

Four essential items to take your office anywhere

Spring has come to the northern hemisphere and it’s almost time to escape the dim lights, step away from the radiator and get outside. Call us crazy, but there are better places to spend your time, and thanks to the power of telecommuting you can bring the social aspect of an office wherever you go. Below we’ve gathered the essential elements to turn any locale into a functional conference room and workspace.

Hatch & Co. 2-Skinny iPad Case

Proclaimed as the world’s slimmest iPad keyboard at 7mm, the Hatch & Co. 2-Skinny iPad Case certainly doesn’t add much bulk to your tablet. It does however greatly improve the iPad’s functionality, giving you the full typing power of a laptop. Sixty-eight hours of battery life also means that you can stay out of Dodge for a good while before returning to the office. The touch-sensitive keys are surprisingly responsive and communicate with the device via Bluetooth.


Jabra Speakerphone

Built-in speakerphones are certainly convenient but by no means professional. Pity your conference callers by using the Red Dot Design award-winning Jabra Personal Conference Speakerphone, which delivers crystal-clear audio as well as an intelligent omni-directional microphone that dampens environmental noise. The device works off of Bluetooth and also comes with a USB plug-and-play option for ease of use.


Snowpeak Portable Outdoor Furniture

Campsite to conference room? Not a problem with Snowpeak’s line of outdoor folding furniture. For the ultimate wilderness desk setup, we recommend the Single-Action Table and Take Bamboo Chair. Both items are lightweight, sustainably made and highly portable options for your outdoor office.



Skype is great for conferencing and can work in a pinch, but for slick design, presentation ability and call management, FuzeBox is an incredible tool. With features like screen sharing and cloud-based media storage, FuzeBox makes it simple to show content to meeting attendees. Importantly, the company’s emphasis is on high quality HD video that makes the most of bandwidth availability—all in a beautiful package.

Images by James Thorne and courtesy of Snowpeak and FuzeBox