MOG Music Service

by Ray Padgett


Based on the simple notion of free music, paying MOG a five dollar per month fee puts six million songs for streaming at your fingertips, along with the site's extensive features and straightforward navigation.

Since we covered the beta version in 2006, MOG's added more capabilities combining all of the best capabilities of other music services like Pandora, iTunes, Rolling Stone Magazine and My Secret Playlist. MOG allows users to make and share their own playlists, search for specifically themed songs (even searching for "pickles" yields results), catch the latest in music news and learn more about what their favorite artists listen to—currently Paul McCartney digs Radiohead.


MOG also tracks subscriber preferences, which means more listening means better recommendations on albums, songs and playlists. Taking the Pandora radio suggestion service a step further, MOG permits users to jump anywhere into the list of upcoming tunes, better dictating future picks.

For those seeking an even greater musical experience or more personal suggestions, MOG provides a social networking platform for users to connect and share thoughts and feelings about artists and albums.

Trying out MOG is easy, they offer a no-strings-attached, one-hour trial membership without ever asking for credit card information.