The New Medium of Mixed Reality

As Artsy notes, the last few years have seen virtual reality advancements in the art world never before thought possible. It’s a medium that’s long-been labeled the next big medium. At this week’s Armory Show art fair in NYC, however, a new medium has taken hold and it’s all thanks to a new development by Microsoft. Amsterdam-based art duo Studio Drift has debuted the first artwork made within the Microsoft HoloLens. Unlike VR, an immersive world, or Augmented Reality, where objects are layered into the real world, the HoloLens allows for a fusion of both using high-definition holographic technologies. The installation, commissioned by Artsy Projects, is known as “Concrete Storm.” Three static concrete pillars in real life almost quadruple and animate when the HoloLens is worn. For anyone familiar with both VR and AR, there’s nothing quite like this yet—and it gives reason to be excited.