Endless Analog Creativity with the Polaroid Now+

Using an app to control the latest instant camera unlocks a simplified creative realm

The new Polaroid Now+ combines analog joys that the brand is best-loved for, while also offering future-forward tech options to create even more opportunities for creativity and experimentation. The instant camera connects to your phone via Bluetooth, while the Polaroid app provides tools including double exposure, light painting, manual mode and tripod mode. There are also physical filters to play around with, including five different colors that attach to the camera. Not only are these able to saturate images with different hues, but they can also create a starburst effect or deepen contrast. Fantastic for photography experts, there’s plenty to experiment with, but the camera—thanks to its autofocus two‑lens system—proves its worth for rookies too.

Double Exposure Mode, by Josh Rubin

Tricking an older Polaroid camera to capture multiple exposures on one piece of film was no easy task, but with the Now+ companion app it’s as basic as turning on double exposure mode and releasing the shutter twice. All of this can be handled from the app or, if preferred, the mode can be sent from the app to the camera and both exposures can be created using the physical shutter release.

Other modes operate similarly: swipe in to the one you want, then take the picture from the app or the camera itself. Manual mode is particularly compelling given the ability to set both aperture and exposure alongside choosing which of the two lenses to use—a level of control not typically available with an instant camera.

The Polaroid Now+ is available now for $150.