Sony TG3E HD Video Camera


Sony's new titanium HD cam is the epitome of consumer-friendly. Besides the fact that it's the size of a stuffed wallet (it's the smallest HD camera in the world), it includes a button labeled "easy," making great HD video attainable for anyone. The button allows the shooter to simply point and shoot without any concern for settings.

While a great feature for most, utilizing the manual settings can result in even higher quality video—though as with any HD Camcorder that can take some practice (or four years of film school). The TG3E manages to pack in the user-friendliness of a digital camera (in fact it takes killer photos) and record in full 1080i HD, so there's not much to complain about.

If you want quick and easy, great quality video this camera does the job. Note that it is an extremely simple design, so there aren't many adjustment capabilities if you're into tweaking video yourself, but if you want the easy road to HD in your pocket this is the camera for you.

The model number in the U.S. is the HDR-TG1, and it's available from Amazon. In the UK you can find the TG3E at Sony UK. Check Sony for other countries.