The newly launched website, Tryphone provides the ultimate assist in purchasing a new mobile phone, allowing for test drives of different models on their site through a virtual interactive design. Clicking on buttons gives a sense of the user interface and functionality, just choose which phone you'd like to try from their surprisingly well-stocked inventory. Also featuring reviews and side-by-side comparisons, it's a good way to educate yourself before making a purchase—which you can also do though the site.

Still in beta, there are still a few glitches with the site (I can't get it to open in Safari and we've been waiting for it to work at all before posting) and the virtual usability of the phone could use a bit of tweaking to make it more realistic. However, it's a great idea and we fully expect a seamless experience by the time 1.0 goes live. In the meantime, test out that cellphone you've wanted at Tryphone.