VanMoof’s First Hyperbike Aims to Redefine City Mobility

Fitted with greater speed and power, the VanMoof V builds toward a bike-first future

Innovative Dutch e-bike brand VanMoof are no strangers to pushing the boundaries of electric bikes, which means their recently announced and first ever hyperbike, the VanMoof V, should come as no surprise. The $3,598 vehicle—currently available for purchase through invite-only reservations or ultimately through a waitlist—is the fastest e-bike VanMoof has released and is geared for longer commutes. With greater speed and power, the VanMoof V has been designed to replace the need for car ownership for some people, redefining the future of city mobility.

The quest to upgrade urban travel informs and advances each of the bike’s features. While it can reach speeds up to 31mph, the hyperbike’s integrated speed settings easily match to national regulations. Its powerful dual motor provides greater acceleration, supported by intelligent motor control that enhances traction and performance, and—in line with its top speed—it has increased safety measures. The VanMoof V also features two-wheel drive, front and rear suspension, thicker tires and a new robust aluminum frame, optimizing the bike for smoother and longer distance riding.

New and impressive elements aside, it wouldn’t be a VanMoof without its signature in-house technology. Fitted with the latest, the VanMoof V includes Turbo Boost, Kick Lock for keyless locking, automatic gear-shifting and their acclaimed theft defense that makes the bike unrideable to unwelcome riders and alerts owners to potential theft by providing smart location-tracking.

Forward-thinking, metropolitan-informed features in the VanMoof V attest to the brand’s goals to revolutionize travel. By building an e-bike that can replace cars, VanMoof co-founders, brothers Taco and Ties Carlier, seek to reverse the “car-first” mentality and put cities on track to a more sustainable future. Apart from their pioneering bikes, the pair advocates for upgraded e-bike regulations, planning to work with city governments on implementing solutions such as geofencing.

“We’re calling for policies designed around people, rethinking how public spaces can be used if not occupied by cars,” says Ties Carlier. “I am getting very excited thinking about what a city could look like in the near future, and we are very proud to be part of the change by building the right tools for the transition.”

While the VanMoof V is available first through invite-only reservations (with deliveries expected before the end of 2022), riders can get their hands on a reservation by signing up on their waitlist, where codes will be shared periodically—though, a $20 reservation option also exists.

Images courtesy of VanMoof