Build Your Own VIDDY Pinhole Camera

A DIY set for building a charming 35mm and medium format machine


It’s been over a year since the wild success of UK-based artist Kelly Angood‘s “The Pop-Up Pinhole Project“—a Kickstarter initiative, for which she proposed a camera that buyers assemble for themselves, from card stock. It was innovative, beautiful and highly functional. Angood’s returning to Kickstarter today, with a petite play on her initial product. This time, it’s called VIDDY, and it employs both medium format and 35mm film and happens to be even more charming than the original.


For those who don’t know, a pinhole camera utilizes a single small aperture (a pinhole) in place of a lens. This particular pinhole has been laser-cut into screen-printed and die-cut cardboard, all done in the UK. The kit also includes a reclaimed medium format spool, a red light-proof window, split pins, and a customizable sticker sheet—not to mention illustrated instructions. Pop out the pieces, put them together and you’re shooting in under 30 minutes. The camera takes superb photos, but there’s also something to be said about the value in a photographer building their own camera.


More than just a smaller, cuter version of The Pop-Up Pinhole Project’s Videre camera, VIDDY incorporates feedback Angood has received from the DIY pinhole community that she helped to form. This edition incorporates a film viewing window, shutter indicator and a virtually glue-free construction. And, while the image quality is very good, this isn’t a camera for professionals and enthusiasts only. It’s already been employed to teach children as young as 11 years old photography basics—a true demonstration of how easy it is to build, use and enjoy.

Snag your very own VIDDY on Kickstarter, in one of four colors, with a £30 pledge, with delivery slated for November 2014.

Images courtesy of Kelly Angood