Virtual Tours of The International Space Station

For those who aren’t astronauts and don’t have billions in the bank, space exploration seems impossible. In an effort to bring regular people a little closer to the cosmos, TIME and Felix & Paul Studios have launched Space Explorers: The ISS Experience—a virtual tour of the International Space Station, made in collaboration with NASA. More than a quick look into the spacecraft, the two-part series utilized “custom-built virtual reality cameras—engineered to operate in zero-gravity” to capture 360-degree footage inside and outside (for the first time ever) of the station. The immersive experience has been crafted thanks to astronauts filming 200+ hours of footage. Those featured are currently living in the ISS, including David Saint-Jacques (Canadian Space Agency), Anne McClain (NASA), Nick Hague (NASA), Christina H. Koch (NASA), Jessica U. Meir (NASA), Luca Parmitano (European Space Agency), Hazza Al Mansouri (United Arab Emirates) and Andrew “Drew” Morgan (NASA). Find out more about each episode at TIME.

Image courtesy TIME and Felix & Paul Studios