Otis & Eleanor Bongo Speaker

A natural approach to portable sound systems


As far as sustainable resources go, bamboo is often a best bet. For this reason, product design and build brand Otis & Eleanor called on the material for their new portable bluetooth 4.0 speaker, dubbed the Bongo. Launched on Kickstarter today, 3 October, the handheld speaker boasts eight hours of playback with a 30 foot playable range. Taking an organic approach to tech, Bongo relies on a natural bamboo casing to increase resonance, and a number of hemp cloth speaker covers for a bit of extra personality.

While we haven’t had the chance to test the speaker yet, the 1.5″ drivers, dual 1.75″ passive bass radiators and APT-X audio decompression software are sure to make for memorable sound. For more on the portable Bongo speaker, visit the recently launched Kickstarter, where $60 secures one of the first speakers hot off the press.

Images courtesy of Otis & Eleanor