Côte&Ciel’s Isar Rucksack

A first look at the architectural backpack's textured FW '14 edition

coteciel-isa-fw14-a.jpg coteciel-isa-fw14-c.jpg

Once thought to be suitable just for kids and hikers, the backpack is now a respectable option for travel or everyday use—that is, if you’ve got the right one. Go too technical and you’ll end looking like an ill-equipped mountaineer; too bright and basic and you might appear to be late for class. Parisian accessory specialists Côte&Ciel‘s answer is the Isar. As what is perhaps the most sophisticated, aesthetically driven pack on the market, Isar also delivers big in the functionality department. Interior compression straps ensure that even a full pack maintains a sleek silhouette, while two internal zippered compartments keep precious contents like passports, chargers, keys and cash in place.

The full Fall 2014 drop from Côte&Ciel goes live in October, with a focus on muted grays, blues and greens with textured canvas and herringbones. Made from raw canvas, the Anthracite Blue Isar is available now for $289.

Images courtesy of Côte&Ciel