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Holiday Gift Guides 2017: Travel Bug

For the wanderers in your life, a bunch of products that will make every vacation and adventure a little easier

There’s no doubt that one of the most exciting delights in the world is traveling. From the feeling of freedom to the tastes, scents, sights and (of course) the people—visiting a new place can be a remarkable adventure. While the experience is of the utmost importance, every step of the way can be made easier and more enjoyable thanks to clever products—whether focused on your wellness while in the petri-dish that is an airplane or compartmentalizing your chargers and cords so you don’t have a mid-trip meltdown. Take a look here at some of our favorite gift ideas for the travel bugs in your life, and be sure to peep the full Travel Gift Guide for more. For a whole lot more gift ideas, head over to our BUY section.

Plug Pack

Traveling nowadays is impossible without plenty of tech accessories—even if you’re not traveling for work. From earbuds to power adaptors, various chargers and cords, it can all become a big tangled mess. Specifically designed to store a laptop charger, USB cords, in-ear headphones, plugs and batteries, This is Ground’s Plug Pack ($135) keeps tech essentials neat and organized. Made from 100% vegetable-tanned Italian leather, it’s available in toffee, cognac or charcoal coloways.

Boutique Hotel Gift Card

Starting at $50, Mr and Mrs Smith’s “Get a Room!” gift cards can be used at any Smith hotel. From Patagonia to Siem Reap, Karnataka to Fiji and beyond, there are 1105 hotels to choose from—each as appealing as the last. Choose from limited edition designs on the front, and add your own personal message inside to help somebody get a little closer to their dream vacation.

Melatonin Spray

Whether traveling between time-zones, on long-haul flights, or simply having restless nights, melatonin is—of course—a common, natural sleep aid. Usually it’s taken in tablet form, but Sprayable Sleep ($60) offers something different. This innovative, patent-pending spray is applied just like perfume—meaning it won’t mess with your stomach—and will have you on a better sleep schedule in no time.

The Check-In Suitcase

A new release after their much-loved Carry-On accessory, Arlo Skye’s Check-In suitcase ($395) features an elegant but durable micro-texturized polycarbonate shell with an aluminum-alloy trim. This also makes it lightweight, in addition to offering scratch-resistance. Resting on 60mm wheels, it’s both mobile and spacious enough for extended travel and with no zippers—and it’s quiet as can be. Available for pre-order now, the Check-In is expected to ship 28 November.

Scented Travel Candle Collection

Handmade in Sweden, Ann Ringstand’s delicious candles fill your home with calm, alluring scent. For those who want to take that away with them, it’s easy: the brand now offers a set of three candles ($45) in travel-sizes. A little larger than a tea light, each candle comes in its own tin and burns for five hours. The three fragrances: Ground, Gather, and Touch are all soft and warm but each boasts different notes—from citrus to pepper to cedar. Price is in Euros.

4-In-1 Power Adapter

Compact and usable in 150+ countries, this travel adaptor ($25) is four plugs in one. Color-coded to be extra easy to use (thanks to the included map), it’s made of ABS plastic. Since it breaks apart, you can travel with the entire piece (if going to multiple countries) or simply take the one adaptor needed.

Leather Watch Roll

With space for three timepieces, this full-grain leather watch roll ($120) makes traveling with watches far more organized. Lined with a “weather chart” fabric, it’s tied shut with a technical rope and is available in red, navy or caramel. This accessory measures 24cm by 18cm, and the price is in Euros.

Travel Shoe-Cleaning Kit

For anybody who travels for work or simply likes to make a good impression, a rainy day or unexpected spill can throw your appearance out. Perfect for some of these minor catastrophes, Jason Markk’s travel shoe-cleaning kit ($20) means you won’t have to panic and buy a new pair of wheels—rather you can spruce up the ones on your feet. This kit includes a two-ounce premium shoe cleaner, a mini premium brush, microfiber towel, and three wipes—all of which are TSA-approved and made in the USA.

Bat-Shaped Sleep Mask

Embrace your inner Batman with this bat-shaped sleep mask ($98). Made from 100% silk (perhaps more Bruce Wayne’s taste) it’s incredibly soft and comfortable on the eyes and set into place with an elastic band. The embroidered mask comes with a carry pouch—to keep it clean and safe—and will surely help your next snooze, whether at home or in transit.

Stowaway Classic Suitcase

While it looks like a classic suitcase, the Stowaway ($275) from Paravel has one decidedly modern and functional feature: it’s collapsable. Thanks to its clever interior architecture, this 17 by 13 by 6.5 inch suitcase stores flat (around 17.5 by 7 by 2.5 inches), so when it’s not in use, it’s not in your way. You can also pack it into larger bags when traveling, just in case your inner shopper gets carried away. Available in mustard, green, blue or red.

Images courtesy of respective brands, hero image also courtesy of Arlo Skye


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